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Terms and Conditions Agia Hotel Resort Prestige Club Program Description Definitions:
Program Membership.
Reception & Use of the card. Cancellation Conditions & Procedures.
Earning / Redeeming Prestige Points.
Program Tiers. Errors and Claims. Program Communication.
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Agia Hotel Resort Prestige Club Loyalty Program offered by Agia Hotel Resort was designed to enable our members to benefit during their stay at Agia Hotel Resort by participating in the Program and when making purchases at any shop or restaurant at the territory of Agia Hotel Resort properties. These Terms & Conditions govern the contractual relationship between (The Company) and Agia Hotel Resort Prestige Club Members.
The Agia Hotel Resort Prestige Club ("the Club") is a frequent guest program managed and operated by the Agia Hotel Resort.
The Company reserves the right to grant or refuse Membership to the Club. Upon successful enrolment, Members will receive their Membership Cards.
A membership number and temporary membership card will be issued to newly enrolled members. Membership is not transferable and may only be utilized by the Member.
Membership Cards are the property of Agia Hotel Resort Prestige Club and a fee may be charged for replacing lost or damaged cards.
Misuse of membership Cards or Program benefits may result in immediate termination or suspension of membership or withdrawal of benefits.
Agia Hotel Resort Prestige Club reserves the right to modify the Program structure, benefits and other features including these terms & conditions or to terminate the Prestige Program at any time.

 Worldwide Member Services 

For your convenience, Resort maintains customer service centers in some region of the world. Whether you have a question about your membership benefits or you would like to make a Resort reservation, a Company representative will gladly assist you. Participating Resort includes Agia Hotel Resort, Restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs, SPA center, sauna and Hammam club, cycling club, cinema, swimming pool facilities, kids club, cigar room, rehabilitation center, White City taxi club, a complete list of current participating companies will be published soon

Upon joining you will receive your personalized membership card as well as a membership guide outlining your benefits and the participating properties. Membership privileges are valid only through the date embossed on the membership card, which is valid for one year from the date of Resort opening. Benefits may not be used in conjunction with any other promotions or offers. Participant hotels and benefits are subject to changes. Members will be updated on the list of participating hotels through the website, online newsletter and email transmissions sent by our team from time to time. All lost or stolen cards should be reported. The Marketing Agent of Resort shall not be deemed to be a party to the contract between the member and Resort or any ancillary services offered by Resort and shall not be liable in contract or in tort to any claims arising out of, or relating to the failure of hotel to provide members with the benefits referred to in the members program, or any injuries or losses suffered on the hotels premises caused by the fault or negligence of the hotel, its servants, employees or agents with the intent that each of such can be and are construed independently of the other, and if, in any situation Resort is found to be liable to a member, his invitee or guests, then such claim is strictly limited to the annual cost of membership. For administrative and accounting purposes, Resort and its associated companies may hold relevant information provided by you in a computer database. This may be used for marketing and promotional purposes. Membership cancellation will be honored up to ten (10) days from the date of issue. A refund will not be issued until all membership material has been returned unused Resort.



Guest: Person who has not yet accepted the Program's General Terms and Conditions.
Member: A guest who has accepted the Program's General Terms and Conditions.
Prestige Point (s): It represents a unit of value that corresponds to a monetary expense by the Member at a hotel or participating properties in the program.
Point Scale: Monetary value of a Point.
Reclaims of Prestige Point(s): Credit following a claim by the Member or an error on the part of the Program.
Status: Membership level that defines a specific rate for earning Points as well as advantages received at the hotel. The status depends on the frequency of stay (or the monetary amounts spent at AGIA HOTEL RESORT by the Member during a given period of time.
One Calendar Year: 12 months period of membership

Transaction: The act of crediting or debiting points from a Member's account.

AGIA HOTEL RESORT Prestige Club: guest recognition program designed to offer exclusive benefits when transacting within any of the AGIA HOTEL RESORT.

AGIA HOTEL RESORT Participating Properties: These are properties that are owned and Managed by AGIA HOTEL RESORT

Member card

Member card


Membership, Enrollment, and Termination
The Program is open to any person who is legally considered an adult in the country in which he or she has the legal capacity to sign a contract. Minors are not legible to participate in the Program.
AGIA HOTEL RESORT Management, staff, and directors, Tourism Promotion Services Group Companies, are not legible to join the Program.
Enrolment to the Membership in the Program is 300 euro, and the nominative Card is strictly personal. The Card may not be lent or sold.
The card does not constitute a means of payment.

Each Card shall bear the Member's name, identification smart number, and the expiration date of the Member's current status (for Classic, Gold, and Platinum status levels).
Each Member may only possess one Prestige Loyalty card
The Prestige card may only be used by the Member whose name is printed on the card.
The Member is responsible for all operations to and from his or her account.
Program Members accept that these General Terms and Conditions are subject to modification, in whole or in part, at any time, and without notice.
Membership accounts which have been inactive for 12 months will be de-activated.
Any member who commits a misconduct, engages in fraud, abuses prestige benefits and awards and fails to adhere to these terms & conditions will have his/her membership terminated. All of his/her benefits and privileges shall cease forthwith and their prestige points will become void immediately.