Curators and Inspirers

..we will go till the end.....

A true curator will see the followers they have maintained on his or her quest. A bad leader will see nothing behind them. A quote for the curators but I hope you all have lots of followers behind you.
A curator inspires you to be greater and better. They want you to go above your goal, not below it. Another quote for the curators.
A curator will see hard decisions if they don't do anything for those decisions. They'll be paranoid of not making a choice at all. It's better to make a choice than not hide who you need before they go too far.
If a curator does all of these they are a true curator.
Great leader guides, you to way not point to the way.Encourage the person to do it doesn't force them. A true curator shows them the good out of doing something.
Great curators follow them to their passion and never ditches them until they make it there.
You need to earn your curator job, by doing good not bad.
Let this quote tell it's self
Anyways I hope you enjoyed and don't be mad that the curators weren't you be happy that you are a member of this marvelous amino. Remember curators you​ are future so don't mess it up....

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Curators and Inspirers

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