White City Agia Hotel Resort Project 

 The project is based on blockchain TECHNOLOGY and smart contracts



AGIA IT ltd UK, 

The most modern Water Club with an underwater aquarium. 

In all projects, a super modern Smart City management system will based on the blockchain TECHNOLOGY and smart contracts. 

-Hotels-game clubs  -Office buildings  -apartments  -the shops  -clinic  -laboratory  -rehabilitation center   -Luna Park  -kids atractions  -tennis courts  -football field  -swimming pools


AGIA Resort Hotel Diagnostic and Treatment Rehabilitation Center

One of the main advantages of AGIA Resort Hotel Rehabilitation Center is modern diagnostics, qualified treatment, affordable pricing policy and transparency of financial transactions based on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts.

The most modern medical center in Cyprus, which presents the best medical equipment of the world's leading manufacturers. The AGIA Resort Hotel will invite highly qualified specialists from America, Germany, Israel, who combine in the healing process the resort's recreational resources and the latest achievements in the world of balneology. The medical center will consist of a diagnostic center, a hydropathic clinic, a SPA center, a physiotherapy department, a manual therapy department, a dietetics department, a sports complex, a thermal therapy department, and a hot thermal springs. The hotel, gourmet restaurant, ORGANIC cafe, detox bar, gastro restaurant, cinema, night club, art gallery, conference room, the possibility of active sports classes will be provided to patients and guests of the AGIA Resort Hotel Rehabilitation Center.

Read our business plan, compiled by highly qualified medical consultants, to create the unique AGIA Resort Hotel Rehabilitation Center in Cyprus.

Physiotherapy is the impact on the body of physical factors for the purpose of treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of many diseases. The use of physiotherapy makes it possible to achieve maximum effect in the complex therapy of various ailments, to reduce the number of pharmacological drugs used by the patient and to reduce the risk of adverse reactions, to locally saturate the affected area of ​​the tissue with the medicine, and to significantly increase the remission time between exacerbations.

In our clinic we will present a wide selection of modern high-tech devices and devices that cover almost the entire range of physiotherapeutic effects.


 Magnetic therapy

 High-Tone Therapy

 Electrostimulation

 Ultrasound therapy

 Variable electrostatic field therapy


 Electrophoresis

 Electro-aerosol therapy

 Ultraphonophoresis


 Ultraviolet

 Infrared radiation

 Laser radiation


 Infrared Capsule

 Steam booth (hamam)

 Underwater hydromassage massage in professional medical bath

 Thalassotherapy, steam heat-water installation


 Mechanotherapy

 Vacuum-roller therapy

 Vibration therapy

 Ultrasound

 Manual therapy

 Massage

 Physiotherapy, pilates, yoga, aqua-aerobics


 Improved blood and lymph circulation

 Anesthesia

 Stimulation of immunity

 Improvement of joint-muscular sense

 Improve feedback

 Stimulation of metabolic processes

 Acceleration of tissue repair and regeneration processes

 Sedation of edema

 Myostimulation

 Muscle relaxation

 General relaxation

 Increase in the body's compensatory capacities

 Restoration of normal function of organs and tissues

 Increase of working capacity

 Controlling Depressive Conditions

 Decreased rehabilitation period

 Preparing for surgical interventions

To maintain a favorable balance in the body, physiotherapy and medication should be combined.

Complex therapy contributes to:

 improving the patient's condition and quality of life

 accelerate treatment with minimal body burden

 prevention of complications and relapses

 reduce the drug load on the body

 to achieve the optimal effect during the course of procedures

Basic principles of carrying out physiotherapeutic procedures. Any physiotherapy procedure in our department is conducted in the presence of medical personnel after a consultation with a physiotherapist, which allows:

1. choose the appropriate method and treatment factor

2. dosage, mode and duration of sessions and courses

3. professionally evaluate the quality of treatment

4. take into account the individual reaction of the patient

5. To note and maintain positive dynamics

6. if necessary, adjust treatment in a timely manner

SPA programs and procedures

This is an opportunity to reduce weight, adjust the figure, detoxify the body and just relax.

What are SPA procedures?

Literally this therapy is translated as "health by means of water". SPA is designed to give a person health, beauty and relaxation.


It is about the procedures of treatment and relaxation with the help of sea products: seaweed, salt, salt water and even silt. After going through such a procedure, you can achieve body mineralization in general, get rid of stretch marks, cellulite, excess fatty deposits, cleanse the body of harmful toxins, strengthen the breast, give the skin firmness, smoothness, restore the body after stress, illness, fatigue.

Ozone therapy

During this procedure, the problem areas of the client's face and body are cracks and neatly injected ozone. This substance acts on the hormonal background, thereby improving metabolism and restoring oxygen transport. In addition, ozonotherapy is designed to remove intoxication of the body, improve blood circulation in general, reduce the subcutaneous fat layer. The main plus of the procedure is a lasting effect.


There are many types:

• Peeling with the help of seaweed;

• peeling with mineral sea salts or salts with iodine;

• Peeling with essential oils;

Peeling with coffee, citrus extracts, etc.

Peeling is designed to release and cleanse the skin of keratinized particles, to give her smoothness, freshness, youth and beauty.

Body Wraps

This procedure is also done with the help of various means:

• therapeutic mud;

• herbs;

• clay;

• honey;

• algae;

• chocolate;

• petals of roses, etc.

After carrying out a course of wraps, you can correct the figure, reduce weight, get rid of cellulite, improve skin tone, reduce the vascular pattern and stretch marks on the skin, eliminate swelling and remove toxins from the body.


It's about heating the body, which can occur in the hamam, Finnish sauna, Russian bath, cedar barrel. In such steam rooms your body will be cleansed of toxins, relax and calm down from difficult everyday life, get rid of muscle tension.


SPA massages also exist a lot:

• using hot stones;

• using aromatic pouches;

• oil massage;

• massage in four hands;

• relaxing massage;

• Anticellulite massage;

• Thai massage;

• Balinese massage;

• lymph drainage and haemolymphatic drainage massage, etc.

Massage helps improve metabolism and skin condition, increase blood circulation, well affects muscle tissue and immunity.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a local dosed effect by the hands of a highly qualified physician - a manual therapist on the joints of the spine and limbs, muscles, ligaments.

Modern manual therapy of the spine is a very effective method of treating many diseases of the musculoskeletal system. If her techniques alternate with courses of reflexotherapy and physiotherapy procedures, the effect of treatment is increased many times. This technique has been successfully applied in all countries of the world.

The essence of manual therapy

Manual therapy is a system of manual techniques aimed at correcting pathological phenomena in the spine. The main goal of manual therapy is treatment of the spine, restoration of the normal position of the vertebrae and intervertebral discs, and, as a consequence, restoration of the disturbed blood circulation. This is achieved with the help of special manual techniques that move the joint surfaces away from each other. Manual therapists act strictly dosage on specific areas of the spine in order to restore them normal mobility.


Reflexotherapy is a method of treatment that uses the effect on the biologically active points located on the skin, various factors of physical impact (needles, metal, magnet, laser beam, leech, stones, seeds, metal balls or plates.

As a result, the local, regional, general reaction of the body is caused, which leads to the restoration of balance in the nervous, immune, endocrine systems, the production of biologically active substances that block nerve impulses and lead to analgesia, muscle relaxation, stress relief, normalization of motor, vegetative and emotional reactions in the body, regulation of blood pressure.

• Classical corporal reflexology (impact on the body points with thin needles) and auricular (impact on the points of the auricle),

• Superficial acupuncture (use of applicators and needles, hammers);

• Microcurrent or electropuncture reflexotherapy (method of treatment with electric micropulse);

• Oriental reflexotherapy (a method of alternative medicine based on the diagnosis of the balance of vital forces in the body);

• Facial reflexotherapy (effect on the acupuncture points of the face);

• Laser reflexotherapy (innovative method of reflexotherapy by laser pulsed radiation);

• Vacuum reflexotherapy (can massage);

• Girudoreflexotherapy (use of medical leeches).


1. Diseases of the nervous system and sensory organs: neuritis of neuralgia, radiculitis, neuroses, neurasthenia, chronic fatigue syndrome, epilepsy

2. Diseases of the cardiovascular system: vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypertension, neurocirculatory distasia.

3. Diseases of the eye

4. Diseases of the ear

5. Cardiology

6. Diseases of the lungs

7. Lor: vasomotor rhinitis, runny nose;

8. Diseases of the skin: neurodermatitis, psoriasis;

9. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis;

10. Diseases of the endocrine system: diabetes, thyroid disease;

11. Parkinsonism, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis;

12. Gynecological diseases: menopause;

13. Pain syndromes of different etiology and localization

14. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, peptic ulcer. 

Key parameters of the selection of rehabilitation centers

We are sure that we will enter the highest rating on the basis of the most significant questions about rehabilitation and the needs of patients.

Evaluate our preparations for the future 5-star AGIA Resort Hotel Rehabilitation Center:

• methods and possibilities of rehabilitation - application of the latest developments in rehabilitation, successful statistics.

• professionalism of medical personnel (including the absence of language barriers, care and psychological help)

• Conditions of stay in the center (wards, equipment, special departments for the reception of foreign patients, food, hygiene, attitude of medical personnel);

• feedback - positive evaluation of the clinic by patients who have already undergone rehabilitation in the head centers, whose staff will be sent to work at the AGIA Resort Hotel Rehabilitation Center, and received its results;

• geographical position and climate.

But the most basic criterion for the work of the AGIA Resort Hotel Rehabilitation Center is the pricing policy of the clinic and the transparency of financial transactions, is based on Blockchain technology.

We are keeping pace with the times!

AGIA Resort Hotel Rehabilitation Center is the first center in the world based on Blockchain technology.

AGIA IT strives to improve the world of real estate, using BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY for an industry that is historically inefficient and illiquid. We uses the management of the SMART contracts to provide a transparent ecosystem for investment in land and real estate.

Our goal is to eliminate intermediaries, increase transparency and liquidity, remove barriers to entry into real estate investments and reduce problems with fees associated with transactions.

According to a spokesperson for the consortium operating the (White Crypto City) Agia Hotel Resort Marina project, during the construction period, 2 500 jobs are expected to be created. 

And that during its operation, the Agia Hotel-Resort will require from 900 jobs. 

At the House Committee the company would prioritize the employment of Cypriot nationals, taking into account the relevant qualifications required. 

The WHITE CITY will give Cyprus a hight status and prestige.

On our website and mobile application, investors will be able to view the construction stages provided by the AGIA IT ltd.

This will give them confidence that investor have made the right choice! In real time, investors will watch the growth of they investment.


Sandul Elena, President of AGIA IT

Serial entrepreneur and business angel (She invested in the conсept of White Crypto City project since 2012 in smart contracts, IT servicec....) with more than 17 years of experience. Elena is an advisor to several internationally launched investment programs in England, and the art platform in Europe. Helen - GRADUATED Architect, GRADUATED Designer, GRADUATED Lawyer in International Law, Artist, has three higher educations. She is married, lives and works in Cyprus since 2005, she is mother of 9 children, has 9 grandchildren in England

Cyprus is back on a growth track and has been ranked as one of the fastest growing EU economies. 

The country exceeded international expectations by turning its economy around in just three years following a devastating financial crisis. But far from resting on its laurels, the island is determined to maintain a steady pace in boosting efficiency and investor confidence.

Cyprus has shown remarkable resilience following the financial crisis of 2013 and has implemented tough austerity measures to restructure and diversify its economy. The country surpassed all expectations exiting recession in 2015 – a year earlier than first projected – and continuing to grow in 2016. Despite a challenging period for one of the smallest EU member states, the economic adjustment remained on track and progress has been made in all key objectives set out by the country’s international lenders, allowing Cyprus to reclaim its status as a self-determining and thriving economy. 

Trade & Investment

From 2015, investment growth turned positive in Cyprus, driven by new ship registrations and an upturn in housing investment in 2016. More than half of Cyprus’ trade in goods is done with the European Union. After a large rise of more than 20% in 2015, exports declined from a high base by 0.9% in 2016. Cyprus main export partners for goods are Greece and the United Kingdom, while Israel has recently started to vie with other countries for third place. The main domestic export commodities are pharmaceutical products, raw and manufactured food products, and scrap products. The three leading import partners are Greece, the United Kingdom and Italy. The island mainly imports hydrocarbons, machinery, chemicals, vehicles, and iron and steel. As a small open economy that is currently dependent on energy imports, Cyprus’ trade balance is traditionally in deficit, while its services balance is normally in surplus. After a recession-driven divestment in 2013-14, foreign direct investment (FDI) liabilities (reflecting investment into the country) turned positive in 2015, reaching €7 billion, while net FDI (net of assets, or outward investment) was €8.5 billion. In the first three quarters of 2016, net FDI was €1.4 billion. A range of new initiatives underway are attracting more investment and there is renewed investor interest in large scale developments. Cyprus is the safest country in the world for young people out of 184 countries across the globe, according to the latest data published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) it emerged on Tuesda in 2017

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